About Giordana

Giordana is a mother of two and lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has a cooking TV show that has inspired millions of Ethiopians to cook fresh food outside their comfort zone. “Food is supposed to be simple. I do not say this because I happen to know how to cook, but simple dishes are the most appetizing to eat.” Says Giordana. She also adds up “I always prefer simple dishes with straight forward ingredients, where flavors play major role and the produces are available to everyone.” “I truly believe that the relationship that each and one of us have with food is different. Some eat to live and others live to eat. I am one of those who live to eat. Living to eat does not mean the quantity intake but the attitude that we have towards food and the important nutrients that we deliver to our body. My cooking pays a special attention to health and fresh produces found locally,” she affirms. According to her food is an adventure, food is family and friends gathering but more importantly food is passion. She also quotes that “one who does not like food, has less to love about life.” It could be my background, she explains, my mother is an amazing cook and the family lived in Italy for so many years. Growing up I watched my mother prepare delicious dishes. Sunday lunches where the high light of our family culinary experience. All of us participated in helping out in the kitchen. And she tells that this gave her the start up for becoming who she is today, a cooking TV show presenter, a restaurateur and an author. With a vast and diverse culinary experience, she is able to fuse food from different parts of the world to simple and delicious dishes that most people can enjoy. These exceptional dishes can always be prepared at home since all the ingredients that she uses are accessible locally and fresh.